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Australian Capital Assassination

Author: Murder Mystery Games  Date: 09 June 2021

Learn more about the origins of Australia's federation.

Australian Capital Assassination Murder Mystery Game
Australian Capital Assassination Murder Mystery Game
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Download - Dinner Edition
Australian Capital Assassination 4 to 8 Players
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Australian Capital Assassination 2 to 15 Players
Download - Premium Edition
Australian Capital Assassination 2 to 60 Players

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3 Steps to Murder Mystery fun!

1) Order a murder mystery game for your group size.

2) Host the party yourself or hire a professional murder mystery host.

3) Have a murderous good time.

Setting: Welcome to the delightful Hotel Kurrajong which opened in Canberra Australia in 1926 (true story). This story is set in the year 1927, the first year of the new parliament in Canberra Australia (true story).

Story: Prohibition was the brainchild of Minister of Home Affairs, King O’Malley in 1911. It ended a year after the first bar in parliament house was opened and following a plebiscite in 1928 (true story). Tonight at this party, we will have a debate to decide if prohibition in the ACT should be ended.

Adult Themes: Two murders including the murder of Walter Burley Griffin.

Costumes: You guests can come dressed as turn of the century types, farmers, police, politicians, protesters, Dame Edna Everage makes an appearance, any Australian stereotype.

How Do Costumes and Characters Work? To make the game as easy as possible to organise your guests do not need to dress as any particular character. The costume they wear does not affect the character they play in the murder mystery. You allocate the murder mystery characters on the night of the party. This means that if guests are sick and can't make it or extra friends want to come then there is no impact on running the game.

Normal Use: Fundraiser, kids 13+, teenage or adult party.

Group Size: 4 to 8, 2 to 15 or 2 to 60.

Canberra is Australia's capital and a hotbed of debate and disagreement. Will you survive a night in the halls of power?


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