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Murder Mystery Actors for Hire Massachusetts

Author: Murder Mystery Games  Date: 12 April 2023

Alena Feldman

Host Alena
    • Suburb: Boston, MA
    • Phone: (484) 942-5851
    • Email:

I would be a great host because of my 12 years performing experience. I have my Bachelors in Vocal Performance from Boston Conservatory at Berklee, where I was trained as a professional singer yes, but also as a story-teller and that is our main goal as performers, to tell a story. You have to be a good story-teller to run a murder mystery party and I have ample training in that field. I am outgoing, witty and know how to talk to people. My acting chops come mostly from singing Opera, especially because of how many tragedies there are in Opera. Other than that, I have done acting-heavy shows like Dracula as Mina and Bernarda Alba as Bernarda Alba, which are both quite scary. I have a very strong liking for horror and anything paranormal as well. I think I would be a thrilling and commanding host for whatever group decides they would like me to host their party.



Davey Molinet

Host Davey
    • Suburb: Boston, Massachusetts
    • Phone: 312.881.9383
    • Email:

Davey Molinet has been working in entertainment for nearly a decade. His unique blend of talent and personality make for an unforgettable night. He has hosted and managed countless nationwide events for Nintendo and various other brands. He’s also hosted a large variety of team-bonding type events for corporate, family and party people. Aside from acting and live performances, he is also currently a ghost tour guide in Salem Massachusetts, which makes him already familiar with introducing the dark and mysterious to others. This host really knows how to take people on a journey, into an exciting world of fantasy and intrigue…should you dare to have a hauntingly good time.



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