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Redneck Bride and the Billionaire

Author: Murder Mystery Games  Date: 06 May 2021

A redneck marrying a billionaire? Whether you want to spice up a hen's night or find an excuse to get the old wedding dress out again this murder mystery is for you. Join your friends for a beautiful wedding that takes a tragic turn.


I really loved hosting Redneck Bride and Billionaire on Zoom on the weekend. The group of work friends loved it - very funny names and characters, and I liked the events like the mock wedding.

---Emma Wood---

The game is fabulous!

---Cassie Grentell​ Brand Director Star 104.5fm---

Redneck Murder Mystery Party
Redneck Murder Mystery Party
Redneck Murder Mystery Party
Redneck Murder Mystery Party

Redneck Murder Mystery Game
Redneck Murder Mystery Game
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Download - Dinner Edition
Redneck Bride and the Billionaire 4 to 8 Players
Download - Premium Edition
Redneck Bride and the Billionaire 2 to 15 Players
Download - Premium Edition
Redneck Bride and the Billionaire 2 to 60 Players
Download - Premium Edition
Redneck Bride and the Billionaire 2 to 120 Players

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3 Steps to Murder Mystery fun!

1) Order a murder mystery game for your group size.

2) Host the party yourself or hire a professional murder mystery host.

3) Have a murderous good time.

Setting: Set at a wedding.

Story: Our redneck bride has returned after working in Thailand, and what should happen? She meets a handsome billionaire at the beach and falls in love. Of course this leads to a wedding to die for! FYI, rednecks are called Bogans in Australia.

Adult Themes: There are many adult themes in this story line.

Female: wedding or bridesmaid dress, baby bump, Lycra pants, sash, tiara, bad makeup, slaggy, slutty, big hair, big boobs, beauty pageant, bikini, gypsy, drug addict, emo, goth.
Male: tuxedo, suit, tweed jacket, soccer hooligan, thug, punk, fisherman, suave, pimp, slicked hair, gold jewellery, mechanic, drug addict, pilot, sailor.

If this is an all girls party, please consider asking 5 or so guests to come as male characters.

How Do Costumes and Characters Work? All the characters are non gendered so this theme suits an all girl party. To make the murder mystery game really to organise your guests don't need to dress as any particular character. Their costume doesn't affect the character they play in the murder mystery game. You allocate characters on the night of the murder mystery party. This way if guests are sick and can't make it or short notice friends want to come, there is no impact on how you run the game.

Normal Use: Adult party only.

Group Size: 4 to 8, 2 to 15, 2 to 60, 60 to 120.

A redneck and a billionaire. Would you murder for love or money?

What is a Downloadable game?

    • Download - You receive the high quality materials electronically. You download and print the materials yourself and save money. Nothing is posted to you.

What is the difference between Dinner Edition and Premium Edition Games?

Premium Edition:

Premium Edition games are the ultimate in interactive fun. They are a full night of entertainment and require a host (friend or hired) to run them. Your guests work in teams to solve the crime and there is heaps of mingling and sleuthing fun. If you want an amazing night your friends will remember for ever, Murder In A Box Premium Edition games are the way to go.

  • Perfect for:
    • Any event that you want to be amazing
    • Staff, Christmas, work, birthday party
    • Super fun party
    • Conference
    • Fundraiser
    • Team building
    • Bachelorette night
  • What you get in a Premium Edition murder mystery game (depending on size):
    • Contents sheet
    • 15 to 120 electronic invitations to print or email before the event
    • The Presenter's Handbook
    • The Full Story
    • Extra games
    • Decoration suggestions sheet
    • 15 to 120+ character name badges
    • Evidence that is hidden and found
    • Planning a fantastic party guide book
    • 60 to 120 cryptic clues
    • The full story
    • 2 props to be used - Such as a secret letter
    • Special awards
    • Sleuthing materials
    • 8 to 18 sets of team directions
    • Welcome sign
    • Information about venue set up

Dinner Edition:

Dinner Edition games are best to play with 4 to 8 friends over dinner.

  • Perfect for:
    • Any low key event
    • Dinner party
    • Dinner at a restaurant
    • Backyard party
  • What you get in a Dinner Edition murder mystery game:
    • The Presenter's Handbook
    • 8 character name badges
    • A Suspect's Sheet for each player
    • 8 Round 1 Scripts
    • 8 Round 2 Scripts
    • 8 Round 3 Scripts
    • The full story
    • 2 props to be used - Such as a secret letter

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